Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I had a request from a niece ....

to find some photos of her and send them to her. She said 
if anyone had photos, it would be Aunt Lynn. Snort.
Well it narrowed things down between Labor Day and Thanksgiving.
Because those are the times we totally hang with family.
So in my search, I did come across some adorable photos I don't ever remember scrapping.
And wondering why???
And then there was this collage of our Thanksgiving in 2005 that I found.
As you know I adore collages and set about finding it in one of my many albums.
And couldn't find it.
I know it has to be there, but just in case, I did it again.
So there will or may be two for peeps to fight over.
Makes my day. *Grinning hugely*
Everyone looks sooooooooooooooo young!
And the same peeps that were photogenic then, still are.
Which annoys me to no end and why I'm on the OTHER side of the camera.
And in looking back, as this is the ONE holiday that attendance is
mandatory. I should do a collage for every year.
As soon as this stupid sinus infection goes away - its going on my list!
Labor day too, which'll be here in no time. 
Can't wait!


  1. Never thought to make a collage and scrap a 12x12 page like that~looks cool ~thanks for the inspiration and hope you get to feeling better!!!

  2. Wonderful collection of photos--love how you collaged them and showcased them beautifully on that page!


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