Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Got to play with mists and inks, my new sissix die and some stamps. Woo hooo!!!

CHILLAX= Chillin' + Relaxin'

Took these pix at sunset. Can't help but love a beautiful sunset. Can't help but make it more special with friends.

I have to say grrrrrr to some people. At our end of the beach we were the ONLY 4 people there. I'm standing behind our friends relaxing in the chair and I want to take that with the sunset. Along comes TWO people that couldn't HELP but see me with a BIG camera. And they walk in front of me. Really? I was close enough that they couldn't walked BEHIND me those few steps but NOOOOOOOOO!!! they walked right in front of my shot. It took all I could do to SNARK at them. And I lost what little sun was left. Annoyed doesn't begin to cover it. And DH is like people can walk on the beach and I was yeah. We're the ONLY ONES here and they had to walk in FRONT. Really. Sigh. People are so rude.

Rant over. LMAO......

So that is Recollection Kraft paper, blasted with mist and ink. Unknown patterned paper & rick rack. Autumn Leaves journaling stamp, Stampendous, and I picked up some shells from the beach and added them to the page.


  1. I love the layout and love the shells added to it... I am not a fan of rude people either. lol


  2. this is beautiful, Lynn! And I like the 'chillax' ;-)
    Sylvia xx

  3. Ugh....I very much dislike rude people, too! They were either ignorant or passive aggressive. Either way, I'd have been tempted to pray that they step on a crab.

    Your layout is gorgeous, my dear.

  4. I can relate to your rant~happened to me in Florida, just want to say really~ oh well. Love your Lo and I must pllay with the mists more!!

  5. Oh I love this!!! Great layout! And I HATE it when people just walk in front of someone taking a photo...totally bugs me!

  6. oh that title is so fun! i hear that about ppl.. SO annoying!


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