Saturday, January 8, 2011

Secrets of Roots......

As some of you may know, I have a Roots journal that I've been working on for the past 7-8 years.

I thought it was done. Silly me.

This project has turned evergreen because just keeps on keeping on. Spewing information which now has me drilling on down to Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, in-laws and outlaws. For sure. I'm now using a 3 ring binder. Sheesh!

Everyone but us knew the story of my mom's adoption. But us. We all KNEW she was adopted and she didn't find out til she was in her 30's. After everyone passed on. We discovered that my Gram's sister Sarah, became PG out-of-wedlock, and gave mom to my Gram who couldn't have any children. The adoption papers which we poured OVER a bazzilion times, didn't NOTICE the name on it - till it was time is in the envelope. The flourish is kind of symbolic flowing from the birth mother to the adopted mother with MOM in between. Even though mom looks like her birth mom, I can only point out with predudice that she takes after her adopted mom. (I didn't know the birth mom). She was personable, funny and what I term "a people collector."

I went to the Raisley family reunion in order to find more information. Sarah had married Raymond Raisley. I met Gram's side of the family I never knew except in passing and I must say they wholeheartedly embraced me. Very cool. They gifted me with several photos of Sarah, and some stories. We're friended on facebook and exchanged emails, phone numbers and keep in touch. Love that.

Small world - When my parents bought their first house, we lived A BLOCK from Sarah (mom's birth mother) and never a word was said.

I used Cosmo Cricket AGAIN. When I get on a roll I flippin' roll. LMAO....I don't know the envelope - it came in either my Kenner Rd kit or Bad Girls (either one rocks). Bazzill, QK flourish & holiday alphas, EK alpha stamps, Melissa Francis tag, Michael's bling and ribbon, and Prima, BG doily.

Journaling: Out of circumstance, came a blessing for my Gram. Sarah, Gram's youngest sister was pregnant out of wedlock. The blessing came when Sarah gave the baby to my Gram. There was no bond except the secret between Sarah and Mae. We knew mom was adopted. The who was revealed when both had passed on.


  1. Wonderful page and story, I am glad you found all that out!

  2. Wow ... what a cool story, too bad that you didn't find out until they had both passed on, it would have been interesting to get to know the birth mom as well. What a love they must have had for each other though ... that one would give her child to the other, knowing the child would be well taken care of and deeply loved.
    Love your roots journal Lynn ... wish I had the oomph to make one myself.

  3. amazing story~your Lo is just beautiful lynn!!!

  4. Family history is so cool. Beautiful way to document it for the next generation!

  5. Wow! Is that amazing - so glad you did find out though. What a really cool project you have going.

  6. What a fantastic story, Lynn! This is such an amazing project you are making. I admire you for delving into your history!


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