Monday, January 24, 2011

Got some action happening. Finally....

I just couldn't make a decision. And you know how decisive I can be. Snort. Seriously.

So I went to page maps and found a sketch I liked in May. AND.....wa-la. Not exact, but it got the ole juices flowing.

Right now I'm whining in my head. I love my mac, I adore my mac, but the ONE THING I miss from windows, in windows explorer are the print templates. I like having different size photos and it was sooooooooooooooooooooo EASY with that. I am struggling to find something comprable for mac. Ideas would so be welcome.

Anyway, the pix showed up in a lone post earlier. (Sorry for being redundant LOL). I used bazzill, 7 gypsies, theresa collins transparency, noteworthy, janna wilson designer labels, qk ck typist, and misc. ribbon, imaginesce brads.


  1. Lynn ~ love it. You're pic's are the best!!!

  2. Afraid I can't help you with your Mac issues - but I love your work! This layout is gorgeous!

    Thanks for stopping by my bloggy, too. :) Glad to make you laugh.


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