Thursday, January 6, 2011

Life is too short for traffic...............

Ain't that the truth. Yet the roads are full - especially during season. Which is heerrreee!! Sigh.

Here's my handsome favorite youngest son with his first vehicle. A.TRUCK. Lord help us. Really. He neeeeeds your prayers. (Who doesn't).

He only needs to complete a few deets like:
get his GED
get a job
get insurance
get gas money
Which'll all work out if #1 & 2 is accomplished. Not necessarily in that order.

I didn't mean to print a b&w. It popped out of my printer that way I swear. I LOVE 6x12 and didn't exactly TRY to do that size either.
I'm so hooked on this size AND die cut shapes.

Cosmo Cricket joy ride says it all. Another no brainer. I am ROLLING.....*swooning*


  1. I have never tried that size either~Yours looks so "good"!!!!

  2. Amazing layout!! Love the black and white photo, it's just perfect with this layout!

  3. Such a cool page, love the size you're working with. Congrats to Shane on his new toy.


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