Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Portsmouth, NH - Another 2 pager...

*gasp*faint*thud* holy guacamoli batman.

I know. This lo really has been taunting me. I didn't feel well so I just moved stuff around and it kind of irritated me because my posting streak ended. I was on a roll baby.

Portsmouth is a neat little town, crazy streets, the fishery and a beautiful park with flowers and arts. Loved it. Got to hang with my eldest. Loved that too. And his gf - where we had dueling cameras going on.

So it just sort of evolved. I normally do NOT do 2 pagers. Why? I find the whole balance thing illogical - to me. However, I had pix. And although a mini would've been fun, and I do love minis, I felt the need for conquering. lol!!!

So we have some bazzil and pink paisley going on, colorbok flower, office depot tags, mme, prima butterfly (prima had to be there somewhere lol) paperbilities clock - i neeeeed more of those, 7 g's pp & spinner, magic mesh, grungeboard - with GLIMMERMIST - I KNOW I pulled out all the stops there. lmao.... Anyone remember ginger alpha in QK???? Love funky fonts.


  1. Oh Lynn, I love it~especially the clock~gotta get me one.

  2. Love the shimmery grunge board! 2-pagers are hard for me, but I too am determined to conquer them!

  3. that's a great 2-pager! i haven't done one in a while too!

  4. I've driven through Portsmouth on the highway ... but never stopped for a good look around, now I want to. Lovely pages Lynn ... keep up all the good work.


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