Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hanging at Grammy's - Just the two of us....

I had the best time. Just me and Connor. He's soooo sweet and loving. Neither one of us felt good that day, so we just cuddled together, watched TV and napped.

And when he hugged me, ohmymy my heart just melted. And he sooooooo looks like his daddy that I feel its de ja vu all over again.

So Cosmo Cricket and 6x 12 strikes again. It just sort of happened. lol! All the way. Except for the American craft brads. I have a ton of them.


  1. Very sweet, Lynn!
    Glad you had some special time together!

  2. a cuddle and a nap is a good thing ♥

  3. Super sweet page, he's a total doll and I love the journaling you do.


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