Friday, January 14, 2011

No mojo lurking yesterday either, so again today

I'll be dazzling you with my photo prowess yet again. LOL! Mostly its just to amuse myself. This is Ft. McClary Maine. Set to defend a harbor that has not ONE but TWO lighthouses. I love lighthouses. I adore lighthouses. And now that I remember that, and found this, MAYBE a layout will come about. I actually have an album full of lighthouses. Some taken from our sailing travels, some happened to be at destinations.
I had never been to Maine before and this was right over the line. And its beautiful.
Did you notice that sailboat around both lighthouses? I paid him, and it was worth it. lol! hmm....maybe after physical therapy today - you'll see these puppies actually scrapped. ohhhh!!!


  1. ohh those pics are beautiful, so serene makes me long gfor summer!

  2. Great pics! I never get to see this kind of stuff living in Colorado. :)

  3. Love, love, love MAINE ... love, love, love LIGHTHOUSES ... just one more thing we have in common. Can't wait to see your scrap those gorgeous pics.

  4. So sorry your mojo's missing, but your photos are AWESOME! Come over to Color Combos Galore and play with us--we got lots of mojo to share over there!

  5. Beautiful photos, hope you find your mojo soon. They certainly need to find their way to some pretty paper!

  6. Beautiful Pictures. I have always wanted to travel and see the light houses and these pictures just make me want to more!

    Hopefully your mojo will find you soon.


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