Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Back to my Roots.....

As I've pointed out before, This journal has turned evergreen. As information pops in or I find photos that either were previous hidden, family members share, or couldn't figure out what to do with them before, I return to the scene of the crime and attempt to add them in.

That's what the journal looked like ------------->
I used My Mind's Eye, Paint - tried to keep it from being REAL lumpy. I have torn it apart and it now resides in a 3 ring binder. I'm trying to decide if I now indeed need to revamp the entire book.

Help Me!

This s a great photo. And an original. On that page is also my Aunt Florence's handwriting telling WHO is there. Its a way better photo of my great grandfather - Pappy. And HE is the one I found more material on, although some can't be confirmed but the data matches. Who knew?

I also found a photo of Pappy's grandson. Named for him. Stanley.

Good looking dude too. There are alot of blanks
that I'm sure will be filled in.

Since I don't have anymore MME. I just wasn't thinking ahead. I bit the bullet and used some Crate Paper. I have decided that what I use isn't as important as just getting the information in there right now. I'm not real happy with these. I'm not. So being the decisive person I am. I'm still waffling about this. (Comments welcome-honesty a plus-really).

As I alluded to earlier A TOTAL REVAMP may be in order. YIKES.


  1. I think if ir was me I would stay with the 3 ring binder~just for the fact you can add easily as you come across info and pictures of your families history. kudos for tacklling such a big project.

  2. Not sure what your question is, is it if those other papers look OK with the first papers? I think it looks wonderful. I can see why you would want to keep things uniform but you can do that with other collections of papers. LOVING the treasures that you are finding.


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