Sunday, June 13, 2010

They grow them big in CA.....

whether it be mountains, trees or waterfalls, they are BIG in California. Once our flight landed we hit the ground running. Well as fast as we could move, intending to get something seen, or done or visited before the jetlag set in. So Yosemite National Park was on our list. The trees there are totally magnificent and stately. Redwoods, that even laying on my back (my to my DH's chagrin and I tried to time it where I wouldn't be seen LOL) you couldn't get them all in - at least w/a 28 lens. Then of course we saw El Capitan. Why someone would want to climb a sheer face wall mountain and dangle by their fingertips is beyond me. Totally ruins a really good manicure. Really. The falls were totally outrageous. Gorgeous waterfalls coming down these sheer cliffs showered up a ton of froth and even a rainbow or two with really really cold water.
You could ride, hike or take a tour. We walked and rode. It was totally awesome.


  1. oh my these photos are breathtakking, amazing, unbelieveable and beautiful! thanks for sharing them with me ... now i want to go there !

  2. wow - great pics girl! I love them! um...just sayin -may want to add a watermark to those ;)

  3. Awww ... breathtaking photos Lynn ... so happy you're sharing them, because this is one area of gorgeous California I haven't seen in my lifetime ... of course that doesn't mean I won't, especially now that I know what I'm missing.

  4. Wow, we just drove through the Redwoods yesterday and the day before and crossed the Golden Gate bridge last night at sun down. Stopped to get some great pics! Can't wait to get into all of the photos I took, LOVE yours.


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