Sunday, June 27, 2010

Flashback Friday 6.25

The challenge was to do a layout of where you grew up, where you thought you were going to live and where you live now. you know I can get a tad windy on stuff like this. Snort. Not that I can't wax elegant most times. Bwahahaha!!! So the vision isn't what I planned (most aren't actually) and I'm not sure what I think of this. However its out there and DONE. yeah!!! 8.5x11 hybrid layout. Few ingredients - Karen Foster notebook paper, creative cafe, qk hearts & holiday alpha!

journaling: We pulled out the driveway of our beautiful house in PA when I was 15 years old. Moving to FL with what we could take in a VW hatchback. There were 4 of us. My parents and brother. 6 weeks before my sophomore year ended. And everything else was left behind. SIGH!

I had always thought I’d live in PA. For some reason I figured I marry a farmer and live on a farm. WHY when I hated the animal smells I have no idea why I had that in mind, but there it was. And then THE MOVE.

I was sooooooo homesick. Couldn’t take to anyone on the phone without crying. Wrote letters everyday to my gram and best friend (who still is a BFF) Elaine, who’s parents were wonderful letting me call collect when I ran out of money for a pay phone. OH yeah. Those were the days lol!!!!

So I completed my last 6 weeks of school and we were just hanging out in a temporary abode because housing hadn’t really been sorted out. My dad went down a head of time had a job and he had been there for months looking things over. And here we were. I was miserable but I had no idea how miserable my brother was. Until he ran away - back home. To my grandparents house and sadly he didn’t have the best relationship w/them because well he was a boy. He hitched his way back and omg! the ruckus he caused. So it was decided that he would stay up there during the summer and my grandparents bought me a plane ticket to I could come up to. First Class. My first plane ride. BY MYSELF. Until coincidently I ran into one of the gang coming home from leave in the airport that would be on the same plane. A God moment no doubt.

So we turned that corner and a couple of years went by and we graduated. And I always thought I’d move back home then. My grandparents wanted me to live w/them. So not a good move. Really. Don’t get me wrong they were my beloved, but I would be such a brat because they spoiled me rotten. So I made excuses, visit and cry when I had to leave and come back to FL. I got a job, then I got a career job, made friends, had a boyfriend or two and then more years went by. The same pattern. I’d go home for vacation and return - making excuses to stay in FL. Every now and then family would come to FL after we had Disney World by then. And then I stopped making excuses and decided that FL was home and the people living up north - well what were they thinking. All that COLD weather and SNOW.

I don’t visit as often as I used to. I do try to get to the Pennsy side when I go to NJ where Tom’s family lives but I get so involved with them that time just goes on by and we’re coming back home. Yeah home. Where my heart is.......who would’ve thunk. 6.23.10


  1. I LOVE this Lynn! and trying to picture you a farmer's wife is just NOT happening! bwahahahaha

  2. oh this is so cool. love that printed journaling, too

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this, Lynn! Your journaling is just so honest and has so much voice. Love the design of the page and how your focus is the journaling, but you managed to fit some pics and embellishments on there, too! I so need to join you guys at Flashback Friday.


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