Wednesday, June 16, 2010

okay there are a few things that are a total given

in San Francisco Coit tower is one of those landmarks that will be in almost every photo you shoot. Guaranteed. Its up on the hill and was built by a wealthy patron who really dug the firefighters back in the day.And wine, oh my my, always available - haven't seen a blue law yet. lol!!! And the vineyards just rock the pinot grigio and chardonnay. YUM!

And then the sourdough bread. It's delicious and its everywhere, served wherever you go. AND it doesn't need to be hot. Yes yes I know - not good for the ole diet, but in San Fransisco you just have to man up and eat because its like no other anywhere else.The cable cars, trollies or electric buses will always be in your pictures somewhere. Its a given.
Alcatraz another landmark that will always appear in your photos because well you can never have enough photos of "The Rock." And seriously depending on the weather is what type of photo you get.
I have a picture somewhere of all the yummy clams crabs and mussels they sell on the waterfront but alas I can't find it. And yes, you just need to man up again and scarf these tasty morsels down.

AND the bonus'll have a good hair day until you step out of what ever structure or abode you are in. Then the wind comes from ALL directions simultaneously and blows it to smithereens. Seriously Period.


  1. Oh Lynn ... you've described San Fran to a "T" ... I want to go so bad now. I can smell the warm sourdough bread and the salty sea air ... oh my goodness. I haven't been since I was about 7 years old ... it's been a long time. Hmmm ... maybe I'll have to start saving for a trip with the hubs.

  2. More awesome pictures Lynn. I love the one of the cable car!

  3. ha - thanks for the giggle on the description of San Fran. Loving all the fun pics!

  4. Wow, great shots. Is your old lens for a cannon or nikon? or does it fit either (I have not idea cause I never researched it.)


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