Thursday, June 10, 2010

The adventure begins..........

We began our day getting READY. And by ready - I had a couple of errands to run and Tom did mundane things like cut the grass. Yawn. We left about 3 maybe had a few false starts. LOL! Much to the dismay of DH who really likes the schedule. And his wife who could really care less. Really. So we are now at TIA. We ate at CJ's the View. Not to be confused "with the view" because really who cares what they think. Seriously. It was a revolving restaurant on floor 7 of the Marriott.

It takes 1 hr 22 min to get from point A to well point A. Its a bit disorienting and you really need to keep your eye on the action. Otherwise well you may not be digesting your food. Really. So we began our journey watching matchbox dump trucks, back hoes and cars with lights travel importantly up and down the roads building an airplane bridge so the employees can get to work on time. Meanwhile, keeping an eye on the sky watching the planes land and take off. AS if that's never been done before. You can't help it. Really. You're all like oooooo a plane is landing, and the earth stops its rotation until said plane is on the runway. Same with taking off. A true mystery. We then progressed to the PARKING GARAGE. Yessss! We watched a lone traveler wander aimlessly all over the garage while yapping on the phone and dragging his luggage behind him. Hard to contain the excitement of that. And then, THEN, we came eyeball to eyeball (almost) with the tower. The hub that has its fingers on the pulse of all comings and goings. Literally. And it was totally cool.

However, I digress. The food. When we decided on CJ's we kinda figured overpriced airport food and maybe some atmosphere. Well we were certainly surprised. The food ROCKED. And was cooked to perfection. So what more can you ask for with all the rockin action of a rotating restaurant with awesome food? A flower. They placed a beautiful orchid - like flower w/an attitude on my plate. And they said I could eat it. So I did. I ate my first flower. And it was crunchy and tasty. What a way to start an adventure. So stay tuned for more adventures.

Same bat channel.

Maybe same bat time. bwahahahaha!

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