Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sunset at the Venice Jetty

I'm feeling MUCH better now. Thanks. I know I've posted the jetty before but even though it remains the same, you really don't ever get the same photo because well....things change. GASP! I know. We took Owen and his parents LOL! to the jetty their last night here and caught this awesome sunset. Not only that...a sailboat sailed right into my photo AND I didn't pay them to do it. How cool is that.

As you can see LOTS of people come out to the jetty. OOOOOO and my favorite SIL let me use his camera - which is the macdaddy (to me b/c my lil o bitty rebel kicks my butt) of canon's to take their picture. Swoon. This is my favorite one and honestly - they really never take a bad photo - which annoys me to no end. Really, no one should ever be that photogenic except the adorable grandkidlet. bwahahahaha!!!!


  1. Some beautiful photos... a great camera makes it all so much easier huh?

  2. Great photos!! :) glad you are feeling better.

  3. beautiful pictures! love sunset shots!

  4. I love seeing all your fun photos! sounds like you are having a great time!

  5. Gorgeous photos Lynn ... you really should publish them ... you totally rock with a camera.



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