Saturday, August 29, 2009

You Make My Heart Soar

I love Cosmo Cricket and thanks to my pal Brookie - who had this in her stash and gave it to me - bwahahahaha!!! In hunting through my stash I found the adorable CC blackboard mini album and wa-la. Of course Owen is just too stinkin' cute and makes the book shine!!! Hopefully mom and dad w/love the book. If not, I'll keep it. Bwahahahaha!

There's a bit of fishnet, some QK crabs & starfish. I even dragged out a punch or two. Yeah Yeah I know the paper has an airplane on it and he DID fly down so that takes care of that, but the rest of the time, we played on the boat and in the pool. Mom and dad did take him to the beach. Some photos by dad . Umm...maybe all the photos. Dang. Thought I snuck on or two in there. Figures.


  1. Awesome mini! Ethan's album is my fav Cosmo album, it's a great size!

  2. ooh, wow! I am LOVING this mini! you did an awesome job with this girl!


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