Thursday, August 27, 2009


LOL!! Since I wasn't able to make Clara's baby shower, she graciously met me at Mickey D's where the lil guy could run around and have a great time. It wouldn't be complete w/o her mom and my pal Barbara and surprise - Shane came along. Who knew????? So to keep the kidlets occupied, I brought my camera - which Shane loves to use but RARELY gets to touch my baby, lol!!! Handed my camera to him and the kids were off. JP is quite a hambone, and fortunately Shane is skinny enough to still make the tunnels. He took some great photos and I love the "MOTION" ones - as it showed JP never stopped moving. Shane didn't either. AND every time he tried = JP was 'get me, get me.' They were fast friends, and it was w/an awesome, fun, good natured spirit that Shane hung out w/JP, and I was totally pleased and impressed. It was a two-fold trip, getting to the shower and seeing Shane. Shane and I then went and did his favorite thing - shopping!!! He has new sneaks, levi's and tee. AND he signed up for night school = MAJOR WOO HOO!!! Pray that he finishes. Clara LOVED the lil baby book and SAID, I buy all this scrapbooking stuff and don't have time to do anything - she teaches virtual school year round w/a 2 year old now, how about I give my stuff to YOU and you make the pages. As any cool scrapper would say, I told her 'BRING IT ON!!!" Barbara quick to help - said we'll meet halfway and I'll pass it over to you Wednesday - your next day off. Snort. Both are quick. lol!


  1. those are some GREAT pictures!!!

  2. I am TOTALLY impressed with those pictures! that is going to make a GREAT page when you scrap those! Glad y'all had a good time! and yay on the score of picking up some additional scrapbooking! you'll get some enjoyment out of it and she gets her kid scrapped! works out perfectly!

  3. Those are some great photos, you've got a great little photographer :)


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