Sunday, August 23, 2009

Flashback Friday 8.21 on Sunday

because I couldn't make a decision. So it became a decision when I couldn't make one. Make sense???? Snort. Me either. However, I finally decided since it was Flashback that maybe I should What a concept. So when I decided that Gram and Grandpop's was my FAVORITE PLACE - because THAT was the challenge, I was using a NEW photo. Whatever possessed me to head on over to PSE 6 to mess w/it must have something to do w/that glass of wine I was using for inspiration. I decided that I wanted B&W and the flowers and foliage to be in COLOR. WELL....................I decided to use the Andrea's Creative Junkies method. If you don't follow her blog - head on over and make sure you are wearing depends. Seriously. Well Andrea's method is sort of to just keep on clicking. Since I'm doing a combover on my hair 3 hours later using the clicking method - I went into the quickie menu and WA-LA the faces option worked on the bringing the color alive. Who knew-said with all sarcasm. Then came PAGES which sort of resembles WORD with an attitude. Ahem. So I now have a mohawk because GROUPING and UNgrouping became an issue. Watercolor didn't work so I had to go back to PSE 6 and make THAT more difficult than it needed to be. AFTER I printed out 8 versions because well just IMPLYING that you may want borderless printing - it doesn't actually HAPPEN unless you TELL and then CLICK it. sigh. Then it expands it. Naturally - drippin in sarcasm. DID YOU KNOW THAT SCRAPPY GLUE DRIES REALLY REALLY FAST & IT REALLY REALLY STICKS- THAT UNDU HAD A TOUGH TIME WITH IT. Well it did. AFTER I printed it to my satisfaction DH points out (ever the cheer leader) that my grammar basically sucked. So a NINTH printing was involved. After I printed it out, I realized that WTF was I thinking w/the whole b&w thing since the sidewalks were gray, the house was WHITE and the colors already POPPED. Damn it man. I figured 3 pink flowers were need to add some color. Snort. and a cute little freebie from Jenna Wilson designer labels completed the HYBRID. Anyhoo....TA DA. I survived and I learned something new. sorta/kinda. Lmao......


  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the journaling on this, Lynn!

  2. OK, so you soooooo lost me with this post, but I REALLY REALLY like the way it turned out!! AWESOME, chickie!! Oh and it wouldn't be you r blog if it WERE easy to follow, bwahahaha. Smoochies...

  3. ROFLMAO!! I can just see you there with your combover/mohawk - bwahahahahahaha - classic. Well after nine tries this turned out perfect! And your journaling is great - thanks to DH for red marking it all right? *snort* - anyhoo - Love seeing your FF! awesome job on this one! ♥

  4. LOL, you are too funny! Love that page even though you had to survive it!



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