Monday, December 31, 2007

My hard drive crashed (public service announcement

*snort* as a welcome home present. arrgghhh!! DH fixed me up w/a new pc woo hooo! BUT, I lost all my email, snail mail addresses, i tunes (major bummer) stuff (double major bummer) and OMG! pictures (dammit bummer) and assorted other stuff I'll be equally torqued about I'm sure. SO BACK UP YOUR PC REGULARLY and if you haven't received an email from ME - please SEND ME ONE, so I get YOUR email address.


  1. I am so sorry, Lynn! I hope you are able to recover the itunes and photos! I have all of my itunes on discs, but really need to do it with my photos. Thanks for the reminder! :D

  2. That's awful! I'm so sorry! I've lost pictures before and it's so heart wrenching, not to mention all that other stuff. Thanks for the reminder. Happy New Year! :)


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