Saturday, December 22, 2007

Whose the #1 Army MOM??????

ummmmmm....... that would be me!!!! because *I* have a shirt, hat and a badge clippy thing that says so AND According to my brilliant army son and his wife. bwahahahaha. WHOM I called at 11 a.m. today and they were still sleeping. snort. Although he was surprised enough to say YOU OPENED THEM ALREADY???? Well doh! I'm the #1 mom and *I* can do what I want. Never could wait when there were prizes around. bwahahahaha! They did GREAT everything's Xlarge because I love big and roomy. Also have a gift card to eat at our favorite restaurant. YUM-O! I'm proud of him and I'll wear his colors any day!!!! HOO-AH!


  1. Oh, wow! I love that shirt, and the hat! :D You go, #1 Army Mom! :D

  2. Love the pink and green! Super cute! Now we just need a picture of you in all your new goodies! :)

  3. LOVEEEEEEEEEEE it! WHEHEWWWW I dont blame you Id have opened it too hehehee

  4. Way to Go... Nice Set... SOme times we all are kids at heart



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