Tuesday, December 25, 2007

So this is Christmas!!! (stole this from another post)

and John Lennon *snort*. In Florida. ON the east coast. NO sense reinventing the wheel.
I've, well we've had a very relaxing Christmas so far. This black bird decided he liked relaxing on my outriggers and I happened to be sitting right under him. Very BOLD I must say. Although polite. The weather has been very lovely on the east coast - up to the 80's, and we did some cleaning that has been coming from awhile so every thing is totally polished up and ship shape. Then we went exploring and took a ride up and down the intercoastal waterway this is just one of the gorgeous bridges and we actually fit under it - so no stopping traffic. sigh. Took it from the back of the boat and you can see our wake! Although not for the motorists that have to WAIT. There's a little park to the side of the intercoastal - although we are too big to fit into it, I decided to admire it from afar. Although it has signs up for manatees, I didn't see one (a manatee). Maybe someone should tell the manatee they're supposed to be hanging there. snort.
Then there's the beautiful moonrise (full as well)-over the marina. It's very relaxing listening to the water splash up against the boat as it gently (in most cases) rocks you to sleep. So we'll be heading back and be ever on the alert in case there's an opening we can slide through to Bimini.
So for today we'll be hanging out with friends and I need to get started on some cookie baking. We're supposed to bring dessert and everything is closed. My bad. The dogs were happy to see us and have stayed close *insert eyeroll* I can't just spring into action, I have to look where I'm stepping so I dont' end up stomping all over them. Its sooo nice to be LOVED. snort.
The youngest has called - to say Merry Christmas and can I get his new phone activated. Sigh. Always an ulterior motive, but I am impressed that he said Merry Christmas first. Talked to eldest son and dil TWICE yesterday. They LOVED the album I sent them. woo hoo!!! and showed it off at Uncle Joe's. You've seen most of the lo's if you've been hanging at either SDD or Scrap Diner. bwahahaha. 8x8. totally rockin. DIL's mom wants copies. I believe I'll make her one for her very own. Diggin the projects. But it'll have to wait until I return hopefully from sailing the ocean blue. ar ar matey!

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  1. looks like yall had a blast! MISSED YOUUUUUUUUUUU xoxoxoxoxoxooxxo


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