Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wildlife out my back door!

Looking out from my lanai (fancy word for patio) *snicker* I got concerned when I saw our canal and how low the water is. We sure could use some rain (side note). But it was still teeming w/wildlife. Wasn't quick enough for the fish jumping, was glad to NOT see any gators. There's a backhoe down the way moving the water lilies out of the way in hopes of draining more water down and a bunch of egrets not only WATCHING him but they were practically ON TOP OF THE HOE. It was too funny to watch. My lens wasn't long enough to capture their intentness in watching this backhoe. One however did not care as evident from his pose. Drying his wings, bathing in the sun. Snake bird I believe he's called because he umm....looks like a snake. A blue heron??? I'm so not a bird person and too lazy to look it up. Landed behind the snake bird in an attempt to sneak up on him. Well the snake bird obviously didn't care as the blue heron just sashayed on by him, caught that and thought this was the picture. Not going back to find that one. Maybe I'll scrap that one and you can check it out on a lo. bwahahaha!!! Not much happening on the s/b front today. Heading to work. Looking for a project to do. Snort. I still have some cd jackets begging to be altered. bwahahaha! Get in line. ROFL!

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