Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Are You Ready???

for the holidays??? Snort. I am so NOT. Haven't started a thing. Decorations, shopping, thinking about presents. What? There's still time. After all its only the 4th.
I found this adorable (is there any other?) picture of Shane on Mr/Mrs Claus's lap and could help but use Cosmo Cricket. Love that line. A little bit goes a long way. I'm also diggin the 6x12 size. Did you know there's another odd size out there? 8x12. Of course there are page protectors NOW. but this won't catch on for another 3 years so just stock up for them. bwahahahahaha!.
And then there's my altered notebook - just waiting for the new year. I don't do resolutions because alas they will be broken so why get involved in something you know will be a failure out of the gate. Snort. But i do like to write (I should've been a scribe) and there are some things the entire world need not know. I have these babies stashed all over the house and in the attic. Some altered or not. Doesn't matter. Hopefully one day, future gens w/get a kick out of them. If you're lusting after the patterned paper (and their stamps-YUM-O) - this is creative cafe - could be lucky - not sure bucause you can *gasp* mix spirit and lucky together. How cool is that. If you're drooling over the clock - that's from Heidi Swapp and its a "ghost clock". You need to pester Gigi to order these if you really really want them for your own. Bwahahahaha! Oh pester her about the Cosmo too. Snort.
I'm off to Cape Canaveral Thursday for another shuttle launch - this time even closer. AND no I'm NOT gonna be on it. Can't get rid of me that easy. YUNK YUNK! AND having breakfast w/an astronaut. Don't know which one. Gonna be interesting. Stay tuned.

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  1. Oh, I love your new music, Lynn! And, I also love your no resolutions to resolutions, yep, that's me too! :D


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