Monday, July 30, 2018

Downsizing my scrapbook stash

And wow!
Decisions decisions.
Here is my scrappy space.
I love my scrappy space and everything is white
is mine all mine!
I have a lot to get rid of.
My awesome husband bought this brand new toolbox.
It's pretty cool actually and it'll allow to
scrap inside or outside.
As you can see from this post I have rearranged my
12x12 albums to give to the kids/grandkids.
I then decided that 8.5x11 would be more storable especially
doing it project life style with some 8.5x11 size
tossed in for variety.
Also, I'll be using traveler's notebooks for well 
whatever floats my boat. 
We'll see how that works. And they'll be
a lot more storable.
I also purchased a new paper trimmer - mine was 12x8 size
and that would be too cumbersome to store.
 I did take the trimmer out of the top drawer and added
some punches instead.
Carefully culling through I decided not to go with 
shapes like squares because I can use the
trimmer for that so I can bring more variety in 
things I'm not talented in, i.e., like birds, butterflies, my
favorite sunburst/fireworks things like that.
I also tossed in my circle scissor that'll give me a
variety sized circles and it takes up less space than 
several heavy punches.
And then there's my super satchel for paper, alphas, 
cut aparts, and all kinds of embellishments.
I also went through my assortment of PL cards and
tossed them in.
I went with recollections 8.5x11 cardstock and added
a lot of 12x12 papers that I purchased prior to the
whole RV living thing.
Pink Fresh, new Hip kit - that I changed from scrapbook kit
to project life. 

I had 3 die cutters; a big shot, QK revelution and squeeze.
I chose to bring the big shot since it does all the dies
it seemed to be the best choice and again I
have chosen dies that lend to things I'm not artistic
enough to pull off.

We haven't stopped long enough to really break it out.
Overnight stops aren't really enough time and I'm usually
too worn out to even think about it.
We will be back in NJ for about 4-6 weeks so I'll
be breaking things out to see if I packed well.

The plan is to take my IKEA Alex drawer and put it in the 
coach - that'll eliminate the super satchel and it'll add more storage.
Also it's perfect for my canon printer.
I also have a selphy but I'd really like the option of
being able to print 8.5x11 size photos so.... we'll see how
well that rides.


  1. Looks like you got everything you need, a job well done in packing

  2. Keep posting! We have a 32 foot C class and I we will not be full timers I would like to take my supplies with me from time to time. I would love to see your finished set up.

    1. It’s gonna be awhile so keep posted because we have to sell our house and get rid of all that excess stuff too this is our shakedown cruise

  3. And so the downsizing begins! Good luck!

  4. Keep workin it ~you'll figure this out!!!! Keep posting your progress!!


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