Sunday, July 22, 2018

Let the declutter begin - RV living

So being a scrapbooker my first thought was
where do my scrapbooks go...
I put a lot of love and creativity in these pages that
I want people and myself to enjoy.
So....I do a lot of grandkidlet pages but until I
started separating the pages....
I didn't realize how many there were.
 These are my books remaining. 
Keep in mind that all those empty shelves were
completely filled.
 This is the separation of the grandkidlets.
But shhhhh!!!
Don't tell the parents!
We are currently planning a trip in our new RV to
do the grandkidlet tour we try and do
every year.
And this year............
Won't they be surprised. 
All the photos I scrapped of the grands.
I hope they keep them.
I hope they love them.
I hope they enjoy them.
 I didn't have the heart nor the fortitude to toss them
so I figured if I give them away -
to the parents
that they might keep them
and love them
and enjoy them.
If not, please don't tell me. 
I don't want to know.
What you don't see is that I have a few heritage 
photos and one framed picture of my
grandfather, whom I adored...
Well my Cousin Al has graciously accepted
to take all the original pictures of the family - like
back to the great greats (in my case) and
he'll be surprised with an album.
It's going to a good home.

I totally feel great about this decision, however, now there's
the decision of where my albums are going to go.
Probably storage as my kidlets are gypsies too.

More heavy decisions like this will be better made after this trip.

Procrastination is a wonderful thing.


  1. You go girl!!!--Mine love looking at their baby pics online and the stories that go with them.
    I'm not de-cluttering yet---well a little---cause now I have more stuff from Mom & Dad's AND John parents house. BUT I did give all the other grandparents-- and there are many-- an album of each baby, and I know you have a digital copy of EVERY page, so you can just make your albums digital- I have no actual pics or albums of Grands. I even digitized all my Dad's 8mm movies (still can't bring myself to toss the rubbermade tub of film reels) Next up is the Slides-- there is another whole rubbermade tub.

  2. My first thought when you said you were going fulltime was "what is she going to do with all the scrapping stuff"? You will come up with a plan. Make sure you photograph all your albums before you give them away...then you'll have a digital copy at least. ❣

    1. Already done! And most of them have appeared on my blog.

    2. I figured you probably had that handled already, but said it just in case the prospect of decluttering was slightly overwhelming. 😀

  3. As I read I was feeling sad. I know I will face who gets what and the potential they will be tossed. I am glad you are at peace with it all. I know you are excited about your life adventure.

  4. Im glad I don't have to make these decisions now~ but it will come. I have always SB for me, to calm my creativity so what will be will be. I have two sons and their family so maybe they will divide them up :) Im sure your kids will want your books.


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