Friday, July 27, 2018

Whelp - on the third day - RV living

It started out innocently enough as things always do.
We got an early start and hit the road
and then.......
the dreaded dashboard lights awoke.
 It was the diesel particulate light.
It is basically a filter that needs to be cleaned.
Or it could be a sensor.
Or it could be a multitude of things we are
at this point clueless about.
In any case, when the dashboard light comes on and
it's the diesel particulate light
you have limited power to limp to a safe place.
 Tom limped it into a truck stop in Virginia - Cockerham's
Gulf Station in Hillsdale VA.
Called and three hours later our coach
was getting hooked up to go back 81 miles
to a Cummins dealer to see what's what.
 Because of insurance stuff we were not allowed to stay
in the Cummins parking lot so we ended up at the Holiday Inn near the airport.
At 5 a.m. the hotel decided that everyone needed a wake up call
so there we were sitting outside due to a false fire alarm.
Thankfully false.

It was an interesting alarm.
It's loud, annoying and persistent.
However, getting bounced out of bed and trying to figure
things out - I, for one, can't do anything willy-nilly
first thing without a bathroom break.
Fire schmire. LOL.
Then I was NOT going outside in my underwear,
so throwing on clothes was necessary for everyone involved,
and they even had coffee made in the lobby.
This has never happened in a campground.

Returning upstairs we found it impossible to go back to sleep.
All that adreneline you know.
So Tom went to Cummins to see about the coach and
I'm just chillin' in the room.

Life is so not boring on the road.


  1. Oh My ! This is not how it should be .Good luck with your motor home and have a safe trip.

  2. crazy!! Glad it happened at the begining of the trip. Have fun!

  3. Boy, Lynn, you are right that stuff happens and it is never boring! Glad you are using your 'chilling' attitude! 😀


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