Monday, January 29, 2018

Hello - a disaster averted

I love this paper and wish I could see more of it.
I stamped just start around the edges which looked
soooooo cool... And then,
 I decided watercolors and mists were required.
So using the packaging technique I 
splatted it all about - I can't even tell you what colors I used.
 It looked beyond stupid and really bad.
Therefore, I whacked out a piece of black cardstock
big enough to cover the stupid and really bad watercolor.
 Well the black looked ho-hum so let's do some more
stamping because things were working out so well.
Using vanilla enamel paint on a polka dot
background stamp actually didn't come out too bad.
I love those tags!
Somehow I got two packs of them in this kit
and love how they work with the glassine bag.
Then I needed to hunt down a photo.
A lighthouse and boat in Grand Marais MN.
It is a beautiful place - we camped there for the night
and dined at the dockside fish market
that had this view.
The food and the view were delish.

So of course I designed the page and then picked a
photo that had journaling to go with.
Therfore, there's another tag tucked into the glassine
bag behind the photo because seriously
can you really have too many tags?
(And that question will be answered in another post 😏)


  1. oh i love how this came out black and yellow are so good together and then that splash of red makes me gitty

  2. Gorgeous!! love the paper stamped liked that and the cluster is beautiful!!!


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