Tuesday, January 23, 2018

An old acryllic album with some leftover Pink Fresh

Resulted in an adorable mini album.
I thought I had been done with the Pink Fresh
and I'm glad I wasn't.
I really love their papers and need to get more.
(After I completed the album I found more PF paper scraps
that would've been good to have LOL)
 This became a birthday present for a friend and it 
was really a lot of fun to make - hunting down and using
any possible scraps and leftovers.
Love a good challenge and also when a plan comes together.
It's soooo fresh and pretty!
 I did forget how tricky acrylic is - getting things
to stick and working front to back without
making a mess with the adhesive.
There were only 6 "pages" so a pocket page
with tags was in order to add more stuff.
The instagram frame is popped up so
a photo can be slid right on in.
More stuff is always a plus.
I just had to include the PL card for selfie fail.
How fun is that 
and I totally have a lot of those.
I wanted to use a glassine bag because
I do have a lot of them and they
add so much to a page.
Tucked in photo and journaling.
 And of course the back is tricky.
I would've loved to do more but I didn't 
want it to be tooo bulky.
 So that PL card says it all.
For some reason I cannot leave the rings
empty, blank, untouched.
Sooooo ribbons.


  1. Great acrylic album. I haven’t created one in a while. I am a ring ribbon girl myself. Inspirational!

  2. Lynn, you are so talented. I had totally forgotten about acrylic albums and how hard they were (for me anyway) to work with, you my friend have created another gorgeous project. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

  3. Another great album, love acrylic!


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