Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Birthday girl

When I got home from my wanderings I had 3 SC kits
waiting for me and one coming for September.
To make it more fun, SC had a mega sale that I went
crazy on, so now I'm overwhelmed with all these new products.
With all that it only took several days and multiple changes 
I put a page together. Woohoo!
 The above bike has been in my stash for a long time
and I'm so glad I finally got it used.
 I love this paper - so much fun with its pop art feel.
Amelia got to pick out her own bike and because she has 
2 older brothers, she decided she needed a bike
that reflected that.
She's rolling with the big boys now.
Love it.
No fru fru girlie bike for her.
So in being overwhelmed with so many kits and new stuff
I somehow lost track of which kit was what month.
Actually, I lost track when I took the cards out to use in
my Faux Traveler's Journal, therefore, since I
couldn't figure out what month a kit was (except for Sept)
I decided it'd be fun to toss everything all together 
and roll from there. 😐😐😐
Needless to say that made it even more overwhelming.


  1. Wonderful story. I love the paper and the design. I love your stash you just received and purchased. I hope the overwhelming part demises soon.


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