Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Getting those pix out of the box

It's funny when you're on a mission looking for
a needle in haystack basically in a huge box of photos
its soooooo easy to get sidetracked.

Well....as I was on my mission I found a bunch of photo
of mom - just posing.
Nothing special except that she's in the photo.

So I decided that it would make a cool pocket
page because of their randomness.
However, each of them had a story.
How cool is that.
They are original photos (I took digi copies)
some of which I was afraid to put stuff on them so
there are some bare spots.
Using up those Basic Grey sticker sheets.


  1. I love old photos. Such a great way to showcase them, Lynn! :)

  2. what great memories absolutely love it!


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