Friday, February 24, 2017

Heritage-ish photo from wayback box

This find is a fun gem.
It happens to be my gram with two of her
sister-in-laws and, in that they were BFF's, and
moreover, sisters in a Golden Girls
type way that was totally fun to look back on
now that I'm older.
Anyway, I decided to do a Missy Whidden and pull
out some watercolors and whack up some papers using a white background.
I also got to use my new Spellbinder die for the clouds.
 The embellishments are My Mind's Eye and are perfect for this photo.
And I'm not real sure on the date - so going by
what I remember of their style and hair.
 I keyed the colors off of Aunt Toot's jacket (short sound on the OH's).
Just sayin'....
Love their sassy attitudes saying they're
all that which is what makes this photo fun because
they didn't show their sassiness too often.
Love how this turned out and it was so much fun
to get my head out of that mentality that heritage photos 
need to be well "heavy" and heritagy looking.


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