Thursday, August 18, 2016

Gettin' in more scrappy time in again

I wanted to add some "routine" and hobby photos
in this album to show what we do on the road.
Contrary to popular belief, we do not party day and night. LOL.
So here's my darling sweet hubby with his "hobby" or passion I should say
in roasting coffee. His coffee is delish and sadly, I can't drink
it if its caffeinated. He bought some decaf green beans
on line and roasted some today.
Decaf-Guatemalan coffee.
It is sooooo delish.

 I also like to put some of our campgrounds in and
since we'll be staying here for a month,
and we have a great view with some livestock
swimming about, it helps if we want to return to said campground
in the near future.
 And of course my scrapping on the road, this is
my third time doing it.
I love having a completed book when I return
and then make bigger pages if the story calls for it.
Then my other "love" is crossfit.
I go everyday when I'm at home and it pays
in keeping the ole bod moving right along.
The trips we took in the past, either we didn't stop long
enough or I was too chicken to drop in a different box.
Well I finally found the guts and I'm so glad I did.
I feel great having my routine and keeping up.
Not exercising for a long period is really like starting over
and that's really tough. So now when I get home
I'll be right in the swing of things. 
It'll be a couple weeks which is better than 8 weeks.


  1. look at you go getting the book done and staying with your crossfit routine you go girl!!!!!!!

  2. love these mini albums you have been putting together. Look amazing and so fun, I'm sure!!!


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