Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Downtime for some scrappy time

We've been on the road about 3 weeks and
its been packed with fun-filled adventure.
As you will see.
 We spent some time with Richie and Gail
and did I take pictures?
(heavy sigh)
Therefore since they live in Maine I used
an old lighthouse photo from there with some 
Gotta work with whatcha got.

 An oopsie on the front to back page
not quite working out.

 So inadvertently I'm on scrapchat.
Thank goodness for grandkids who know
more about it than me. LOL.
Need to take a few more photos to roll
with the next installment.
Will mostly being about doing "normal" things
and won't that be fun. 


  1. the book is looking good i love everything about it!

  2. Love the memorabilia that you add. make sit look so junky :) said with love!!!!


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