Sunday, August 7, 2016

From Crown Point through Vermont

Crown Point is a beautiful park and LOOK!!!
a lighthouse - 
Very ornate and beautiful!
I'm sparing you the 2934572975394 photos I took.
You're welcome.

 Evidently the British occupied this grown at one time.
There's also surrender flag - that I didn't get a pix of
but to let you know its all American now.

 Crushin' on barns and farms.

Dramatic skies with an old RR depot.

A couple of beautiful churches....


  1. Your photos are beautiful, Lynn! What a trip!

  2. oh my the barn and it's silo's loooooooooooooveeeeeeeee

  3. Great pix, Lynn! I am far behind in your trip and hope to catch up soon! ;-)


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