Monday, October 13, 2014

Artist Loft pearlesence watercolors

picked them up at M's the other day and
just look how pretty they are.
I also have the regular watercolors by Artist Loft
though they look like they've seen better days.
These are almost too pretty to dip into.
 Didn't have a photo in mind but I love this paper
and decided the paints would look very pretty together.
Tossed some gesso on and then the paint. 
And I was right. Its pretty and pearly.
I used the pink, gold and green.
 I really love these paints.  
The colors rolled on pretty and easily.
 As I added layers I softened them with gesso and watercolors.
I also inked around the edges with vintage photo ink by ranger.
 And then back to the wayback box for a photo.
There were two.
However, I felt drawn to this one and it just works
with the embellishments.
Mrs. Schneider (Hilda) was great grandmom.
Mrs. Schneider was written on the back of the photo-nothing more.
I'm thinking someone other than family took the photo
and gave it to her or family.
I wish I knew more.

Studio Calico, Kaiser Kraft and my HOMEMADE TAG!!!
Woohooo another one down!


  1. love love love it I may need to go to M's and get one LOL

  2. Looks awesome Lynn~yes, it does work

  3. Loved seeing how this came together, Lynn. So glad you had fun with the paint. :)


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