Monday, October 27, 2014

Floaty as opposed to Floating embellishments

And doesn't that capture your attention.
In full disclosure this page is a jack from Soaphouse Mama or Ashli.
I love her stuff,
I stalk her stuff,
and whenever I need a shot of mojo 
I jack her stuff.
Thank you Ashli!

As you can see there are adorable little clusters of embellishments
in really fun layers.
These were very fun to do.
 tons of layering fun.....
 lots of scraps being used.....
And then I began putting the page together with the clusers.

And a "grid" happened.
I love the layers and the little clusters. The majority of the papers is Echo Park,
with some of my diecuts and Paper Issues Swag bag.
(AND...I used Ashli's idea of using writing paper as mats-love the soft and etheral look).

Anyhoo, in yapping with my pal April, I was pointing out that:
a. its a new look for me
b. it was fun to do
c. the clusters appear to be floating (not grounded) and
they're driving me nuts
My pal pointed out that while they weren't grounded they were "floaty" which
is completely different than "floating."
This was my face :|

I love this and Ashli can pull it totally off - where I'm in love and
when I try it maybe because its just me
I feel like they're floating.

You tell me - floaty or floating.........


  1. Look at you, layering up all of those fun frames! It's nice to see you on a page. :)

  2. I stand by my original decree! Love it!!!

  3. awesome layering~ love the "floaty" look. :)

  4. No idea about the floaty stuff, but I love the photo of you and your hub stylin' the cool hats!


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