Monday, December 19, 2011

A visit to the Sonora Desert Museum....

resulted in some fun pictures and experiences.
Here's an adorable hummingbird nesting.
The nest seems like its no bigger than a thimble.
And mamabird darted around gathering the perfect
materials, even eyeing shoe laces and hair.
 The hummingbirds are in an enclosed aviary
you are welcome to walk in and enjoy the experience.
 They are friendly little posers that swoop and dive
all around you, even at times divebombing
and landing or hovering around you.
 It was the coolest thing. One buzzed by my ear, and it seemed like a 
bullet whizzing by. (Not that I have a lot of experience with bullets
whizzing by-its the buzz). And of course they were total posers.
 And for once I was fast enough to get them.
 And then they turned the hawks loose.
 And they were beautiful and breathtaking.
Dipping and whirling. I admit I had a
hard time getting the settings so I
have way more outtakes then intakes.
 And of course the beautiful sky and vegetation.
 A mama cardinal with a worm in her beak.
Mama was in a bird aviary that also encouraged walking
through and getting up close and personal.
 A cactus with a smiley face on it.
 More breathtaking views.
There was a lot of walking involved.
And animals in habitats as well. 
 An Ocelot focuses his laser like intent on
something above.
 A coyote in his very own habitat, blending in while
napping. I almost missed him.
 Mountain lion snoozing.
 A lobo watching us watching him.
 Again beautiful buildings and sky.
It was a long day with lots to see. 
I admit to being very tired. It was a tricky walk.
You go down hill soooooo slowly you have no idea
of the hike back up til you get there.
I thought it was more amazing than a regular zoo.


  1. WOW stunning photos Lynn, especially love the bird ones!

  2. Amazing photos Lynn ... I always feel like I've been there too after reading your blog adventures and looking through the photos. So happy you had a great time.

  3. great pictures~must be fun to go and see these cool acts of nature!!

  4. These take my breath away. Amazing photos. What a great day you had. Take me next time, please!

  5. Some great shots! I find hummingbirds endlessly fascinating!


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