Saturday, December 17, 2011

Riding down the roads of Arizona

the mountains and the sky take your breath away.
 I was all like HONEY - stop right here!
 Pull OVER right now.
 And honey did. Because he's cool that way.
 Even the parking lot and restrooms rock.
 I'd like to say that the cool rock structure with windows
was something from the pioneer days, but
alas its not, just a place for the hikers to hang.
Cool looking all the same.
 Because up in them thar hills is windier than San Franscisco.
And that was really windy.
 Made another new friend, though he was a bit shy.
It was an amazing ride.


  1. Nice "honey" you have! Captured some neat pics- bravo!!

  2. You're right--that bathroom does look cool! Pretty scenery!

  3. Ewww very cool photos, I haven't been to Arizona in years and years and years ... I truly must visit again someday soon. Thanks for sharing with us Lynn.


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