Monday, December 5, 2011

A scrapbook page and Another hub for your reading pleasure.

This page was a long time coming.
I haven't scrapped in so long I almost forgot how.
I couldn't resist the moment I saw these photos.
After all was said and done, I forgot to leave
room for journaling, but after thinking
about it, the title and photo
says it all.
All I can say it must be a blonde thing.
This new hub is about scrapbooking yourself
and actually being included in
pages and albums.
Please click here to read more about it!
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Thanks for your support....


  1. I'm on it~and love the new header. Did you take that?

  2. I did that photo on Catalina island. Its the old stage coach depot.

  3. you added another pic~lovely SB page!!!! Great work!

  4. Great pages! You can always journal in the back of your page if you want...I do that sometimes :)


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