Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Pasta Kings......

We were invited to hang with the grands and when we
heard that Liz was going to make a pot of homemade
pasta sauce, well Tom went into overdrive.
What better compliment to homemade sauce?
Homemade pasta.
What better way to have fun with a 3 year?
Knead flour and eggs into a lump of dough.
Crank that dough several million times through the pasta maker.
And crank that dough through, cutting it into spaghetti.
If you've never had homemade pasta, it just doesn't
compare to the box pasta.
It does take time.
It is messy.
And a lot of fun!!!
And Owen had as much fun eating it, as making it.
Photos courtesy of my favorite SIL KevinDuFFyPhotography.


  1. I love the simplisity of the lay out and what a cute story.

  2. Love, love, love your blog header photo! How cool that you guys make your own pasta! That layout is fantastic and love that you documented that sweet moment.

  3. I have never had homemade pasta~but I would like to. Love the pic of owen and Gramps~adorable!! A keeper for sure!!!

  4. I love that picture it's so peaceful & American! The pics are precious & remind me of the meaning of Family!


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