Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Spurs were a jingling.....

on the streets of Tombstone.
Yes, the infamous Tombstone Az.
What is it about a duster that's just plain sexy.
And boots and spurs.
 Character actor cowboys everywhere.
And didn't they know they were supposed to pose for me?
Big Nose Kate was a real character back in the day.
As well as the mustached woman.
 And stages coaches. Swoon.
 The Bird Cage Theatre was real too.
I have to admit that I thought Tombstone would be more like
a movie studio set. However, the mostly
original buildings were set a couple streets off 
the main drag. Because there is a real Tombstone.
My bad.
 One of the Earps.
 The stages were of course, tours, and those coaches
are so not comfy. I can't imagine traveling 
across country on them.
 Doc Holiday - a handsome dude. You wouldn't know
because I wasn't quick enough to get the other side.
 Oh look my very own handsome cowboy.
 Who checked out every store and shop.
 Cowboys getting along 'til the next gunfight.
Which we missed all the gunfights.
 Love the sign.
 And boothill was farther away than I thought.
Like way from what I consider the edge of town.
 Of course the town and graveyard are reputed to be haunted,
and again I saw nary a ghost.
 Above is the grave of the fallen OK Corrall gunfighters.
The ephitaphs were a hoot.
Killed, dead, hung.


  1. Wow, great photos. Makes me want to go!

  2. DD would love this place! Such cool photos.

  3. Very cool photos Lynn, maybe someday I'll get out there with my guy for a visit. Thanks for sharing.


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