Thursday, December 15, 2011

DH and I are going to be celebrating our

14th wedding anniversary so we'll be out and about.
In the meantime I have written a new hub
that will hopefully help you with the art of gift giving.
from the internet
Please click here to find out more
and remember to vote UP!

Its also challenges are up day at Moments!
Mine is the heritage as you know
and the challenge is to find a photo and write what you see.
I used the phrase did you notice for the first few lines.
journaling: did you notice that gram and aunt toot are wearing the same pants. did you notice they are both touching their child. did you notice uncle norm's arm includes gram. did you know that is mom and cousin eddy. in-laws hanging together. friends. wish i knew where that was.


  1. sure thing~have afun today and congrats on 14 years and love the LO. and of course UP!!!!

  2. Great page! Have a wonderful 14h anniversary too!


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