Saturday, November 5, 2011

Its been a busy week....

These are flowers in the Brooklyn Bridge park.

I haven't been updating this week, because well, the week was busy and I have been involved in being an overbearing mother that had incredible results and gave a much needed boost to my favorite youngest son's confidence. Now I'm trying to step back and let him fly. Sigh....

I have also bitten off a project that has taken a life all of its own. My SIL whipped out this photo album that while it had amazing heritage photos in it, all I could see was that they were in MAGNETIC ALBUM PAGES. OMG! AND it took all I could do not to rip it out of her hands and take those photos out. So I took the whole book home with me and I'm now in the process of scrapping those photos and creating digital copies. And I want to get it done by Thanksgiving when we return to NJ. 
We can all take a breath and laugh hysterically now. 

1 comment:

  1. Go Lynn ... you are an incredible heritage scrapper, you'll get that album done and beautifully I might add, much to the delight of your SIL who will treasure it I'm sure.


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