Saturday, November 12, 2011

Virtual no more..........

April and I have been on-line pals for about 6 years.
We have IM'd and Webcam'd 
and chatted on the cell.
bringing and challenging each other to new heights
 in virtual scrapping.
And we never met.
Until today.
Fresh off the Disney boat with her kidlets
and SO (who booked an earlier flight).
Smart man - ducks out on girl time.
Maintaining the cruise high she schlepped over to
Orlando International to head on home.
Orlando International is 2 hrs from my abode.
So we plotted and planned, and I gassed
up the caddy and went tearing up the highway
like a big ole dinosaur (the caddy that is) to meet up bwahahahaha!!
And we met at the escalator to Chili's two......
where we had the best time...


  1. what a fun post and good for you~i have a special online girl friend and one of these days are going to meet!!!

  2. Awww, I love stories like this! There are quite a few people in bloggy land I'd love to meet, too. Have met a few - but my list is long! Maybe some day.

  3. Yay ... there is nothing quite like meeting up with our virtual friends, thinking fondly back to the day we got to meet in NH Lynn. So happy the two of you had a fun meeting ... next time let's find a place in the middle and have a big ole' meet and greet. Now wouldn't that be fun!


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