Wednesday, November 23, 2011

UP UP and Away.........

at the Air and Space museum at Dulles.
 The shuttle Enterprise has a home there.
 And its huge and amazing.
It would've been cool to cruise on inside.
But alas you're only allowed to admire it on the outside.
 These were just too adorable.
R2D2 and a coin phone. Snort.
 Enola Gay.
 Flying tigers.
 As you know Nick is in the Army.
So anything Army on it - I sent to him by iphone.
 The planes were flying from each and every direction.
 And the early ones - omg! It took a 
brave and restless soul to fly them.
Or an adreneline junky.
I have 2 of them.
 Big brother could be watching.
 Anyone remember the song Telestar.
An amazing instrumental.
You could be humming that now.
As you may know, I'm an amateur picture-taker.
So this day I decided to move up to RAW.
OMG! what took me so long.
Also, I hit the ground running using manual.
Took me a minute to hit my stride
and I didn't like the yellowish overcast I was getting.
White balance - DOH! Tungsten!
So I did something I never done before, blew away
almost 200 pix and started over.
Which is why I don't do weddings.
disclaimer: No flash was used in the course of these photos.
It was totally worth it.


  1. those came out fantastic! wow!

  2. Oh Lynn! these are amazing. Now I want to go visit here.

  3. They turned out great! Gonna show hubby these pics. He loves air museums!


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