Friday, November 18, 2011

It appears that my mojo

packed its bags and headed out on vacation
without consulting me.
I cannot begin to tell you how annoying that is.
I had plans and a project.
I still have plans and a project.
None of which is any closer to being done.
Heavy sigh.
Scenic view at Ft. Foster, ME


  1. I know the feeling, some days I can't help myself I just need to veg out, but I always think of new things I want to do while I am vegging out.

  2. hang in there~it will come back and you better be ready!!!:):)

  3. I hate when that happens. Good luck... hope it returns soon!

  4. Sorry! :( Power through it and it will come back! :)

  5. Well it happens to all of us of course ... hoping you find that mojo soon.

  6. but you have a super cool photo. Hope it returns soon! in the meantime, visit pinterest and see if it sparks!


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