Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I've been quite the slacker

And under the weather.
So last night was manic Monday and it 
had all the mayhem and merriment you could want.
However, I can't share. 
Shocking, I know.
 However, it occurred to me I haven't bored
you with airshow pix.
I love airshows. Been going to them since
I was a kidlet and you can use
you imagination for that one.
We hung out in Camp Semper Fi which I never
knew you could do.
When we went we hung out with the regulars on the tarmac.
At the camp, there was food, drink and a ring side seat.
And a tent to keep cool.
 Miromar in San Diego puts on an amazing show.
The guys repelled down, hung out and blew stuff up.
And then connected back to the rope on the chopper
and  hung there while flying off in the wild blue.
 It was all amazing. And gave you a view of
what these special men and women train for.
These photos depict a air-ground assault.
And these pix are just the tip of the ice berg.
I can keep this going for days...
(I know you're thrilled)
 They started something new called the "Heritage flight"
which pairs and vintage with the new.
Its breathtaking really.
Then and now.
F-16 Viper and P51
I may have mixed these pix up. So bear with me.
There is also a legacy flight with an F/A-18 Super Hornet & F8-F Bearcat.
To be continued.
I have stunt pilots and of course
the Blue Angels.


  1. I have been to airshows but it has been awhile. They are very interesting~I love vintage~even airplanes!!!!:)

  2. these are great. Love the explosives!

  3. I love airshows, too! Gotta show hubby your pics. He'll love 'em.

  4. WONDERFUL!!! The Blue Angels had just been over on this side like 2 weeks or so before. Though being so close to the base...uh, we get our fair share of flyovers DAILY anyway!
    Gorgeous photos.I want your camera. Love you xo

  5. GREAT pics! I love the airshow and haven't been in ...gosh...13 or so years? yowza - but I feel like I kinda relived your experience!


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