Monday, October 24, 2011

Attics can be a scary place....

So I sent my youngest up the steep ladder to the roof
over our garage that acts as our attic.
Or a collection dump.
So I decided it really needed to be straightened up
and cleaned up.
So it started small.
 Shane brings down the first box and a bag.
Well the bag had cutsey beach things that I'm gonna
pawn off or our friends that have become beach bums.
But the box had a TON of old photos in it. *Swoon*
And OMG! Like I really need more pictures.
So of course I needed to sort through them.
And that's where nostagila and amusement came in.
On the page below, I found another article (I have one stashed 
in my heritage album somewhere) of my Gram hanging
with her buds at the Rec Center and decided
to do a quick and dirty to save the article
and to write a bit more about it.
This second page is kind of tongue in cheeck.
I flip this photo over and my mom Bless Her Heart 
writes canoe 1958 as if I couldn't figure that
one out. And of course sadly she's not
around to ask and my dad has CRS.
So there's 3 guys looking at a canoe. Sigh.
 The last one is a photo of me and a friend from the hood.
As ugly as we or I look - the fashion police really
should've swooped in. LOL!!!
However, its a great great insight of back in the day.
And it brought back memories that while we were
friends, we were not best friends.
Age and type defined our relationship.
In all cases I used the original *gasp, faint, thud* I know.
But why stick them in a box to get torn up.
And I have a digital copy.
There is more to come in that attic. Can't wait.


  1. great pages! Love the bottom one, those colors really pop!

  2. WoW! I love all three layouts! The colours are really fresh and orginal.

  3. WOW is right! Great pages but even greater find!!! Good thing that you were able to scrap them and have a digital copy. Very cool - TFS :)

  4. that will be fun~the pages are great !!! so you are scanning them and scrapping orginal?

  5. Attics can be scary! We haven't cleaned ours out in years! LOVE what you created though.

  6. Great job on scrapping those old pictures!

  7. Oh Lynn, suck wonderul goodies to come across, so happy you sent the boy to the attic, isn't that what we have them for anyway. LOL ...


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