Thursday, July 21, 2011


This LO was a complete accident!
While cyber scrappin' with my pal April (who has some really cool lo's going on) and DIGGING DEEP into the neverending box of goodies sent by my pal, I decided to check out the Ink-a-doo spray inks and pulled out some beige cardstock (its Bazzill and probably has a fancy name but its beige, ecru, light tan) LOL!!! The inks were lilac and royal blue. After spraying them, not only on the cardstock, but covering the entire work area, I decided that I needed to add the Ranger-red pepper for a splash of color.  Voila! Americana!!! So I stared at it for an hour or three, resulting in a semi-stupor before grabbing the dainty TINY flowers in which I can't identify (if you can, let me know-they are OLD stash). Then I dithered about the photo, knew I had some eagle pictures somewhere. Eagles have attitude. I love that! And that QK USA cookie cutter die has been in my stash for awhile - it was a set which name, now escapes me. Imagine that!  The edging is a red sharpie. Sharpies smell mmmmm- I didn't inhale. 


  1. That turned out awesome! I love it! :)

  2. *I* believe they are Bazzill flowers --- I thought they had some kind of cool name... dainty minis....or humongoid bigness? I don't know that -- I do believe that's the brand though (no matter the descriptive blurb).

    LOVE LOVE LOVE how this spray turned out! :)

  3. your LO turnaed out fabulous~I'm pretty sure your friend is correct on the flowers!!! love using the stash up ~more room for new stuff!!

  4. Well golly, by golly, your "accident" looks pretty fabulous, lady.


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