Friday, July 22, 2011

Baby book.......

I made this book for a friend and hopefully
it'll be delivered today so she can get it
in the mail.
The room color is lilac which I love, however,
not a lot of baby paper comes in lilac.
I also liked having a gender
and making it all girly!

So I faked it. This is the first time I painted
the chipboard, and I'm wondering why
I didn't think of that before.
*head slap*


  1. she will love it:) ~aweseness!!!

  2. How sweet is that!!! Great job!!! I'm sure she will be very pleased!!!

  3. this is beautiful, I'm sure she'll LOVE it :)
    Sylvia xx

  4. It's fabulous!! I love purple, and any color closely resembling it!


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