Monday, July 25, 2011

Pool Rehab

I came home and to my surprise, the pool guys
started without me. LOL!!!
  Our pool lasted 17 years before it became ugly.
So at 7 a.m. without warning, I work up to a 
radio blasting and voices chit-chating.

  Let the filling begin.
It came from the well. Which gave us swamp water.
 Something to be said for chemicals.
Felt good yesterday when the thermometer hit 95!
Yeah and SOME peeps say its too hot in Florida.
News flash - 
Texas is in day 23 of triple digits.
Just sayin....

1 comment:

  1. LOL....we've had temps in the high 90's, low 100's ALL LAST WEEK. We finally got a break today...but we're back to the 90's for the rest of the week AGAIN. (And it FINALLY rained here today, after weeks and weeks of no rain.)

    Your pool looks very inviting. I'd swim in it!!! :)


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